Sunday, August 10, 2008

End of Summer Wrap Up

Questions Owen has right now that I'm finding difficult to answer:

"Why doesn't Miss Piggy have eyebrows, Mom?"
"Why do we have armies?" <---answer must be understandable to a 3-year old...please also know that his answer to any reply you give will be, "Why?"

For all concerned grandparents reading this, Owen's first week of daycare went very well. His teachers love him, and he's been so happy coming home every day this week. I underestimated how much he missed friendships with kiddos his own age since we moved to Fresno. Thank you to all who are praying over his teachers (Miss Nazeli and Miss Paula) and him.

And for all you who keep asking when #2 is coming...our next addition will be

...a lightbulb. Yep, by request, Owen wants a lightbulb over any other addition. The conversation went something like this:

I'm driving Owen to school and a lady is walking her 2 dogs.

"Mom, don't run over that lady and her dogs....I don't have a dog YET....Or a brother or a sister."

I asked him if he wanted any of those 3 things at his house. He said, "Maybe a big one." After asking which one, he said, "Maybe a big sister. But I really need a lightbulb. One for my room, one for your room, one for Casen, one for Miss Wendy, and one for Mr. Scott."

So, if I look like I'm's a lightbulb, not a baby. :)

Here's some photos of our growing boy:

Above is Owen on his first day of swim lessons (thank you Grandmom!). He was excited until it came time to get in the water. One lesson we learned is that swimming with the family is WAY different than swimming with 2 strangers (even if they are cute girls). So, our little fish in our pool became our little barnacle at the public pool. He was suctioned to the side, and due to low enrollment in the class, he was the only swimmer. Owen can be hesistant about new things, so without the example of some other brave soul, he didn't make much progress. Nonetheless, we've adopted Dory's motto:


The Crenshaws said...

Hey, Natalie, long lost friend, glad you found me! How are you guys? I think I checked your blog a few months ago from Wendy's, but it had not been updated in a while. It's so nice to read the latest about you and your family.

Your son is so cute!

Jodi said...

Seriously, your kiddo is HILARIOUS! Love the updates! (and the Dory!)

Kaci Allen said...

Your school looks nice. I think the murals are awesome! BTW.. Owen cracks me up! A lightbulb! Priceless. And one day (if he remembers) He will regret not taking advantage of two hot girls in a pool!

Amy Mccathran said...

Hi Natalie! I saw your blog address on your facebook page. Owen is just cute! It looks like the three of you are doing really well. We ran into Michael last year at a Cary Pierce concert but missed seeing you! Glad your school year is off to a great start :)
Amy (Stump) McCathran