Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Haircut

March 17, 2011. 21 months old. Tangles upon tangles...mullet status approaching...uneven growth was time for...June's first haircut.

After much debating among family and friends, I made the executive momma decision to have June's hair cut. By a professional. I know my limits and the world of curly hair is one of them for me. I'm not trying to have June's hair always chin length in a bob (Momma is the queen supreme in that department), but it was getting out of control. Yes, it was sweet to others but a tangled mess to me. The hairdresser promised that trimming a little off the back and even-ing up some of the layers would help decrease tangles, increase bounce, and lead to less upkeep overall. What girl could refuse that? So, let the snipping begin...

Yep, they put a bow in her hair and glitter on her cheeks. Um, they obviously don't know my style...but I think they saw a glimpse of June's. So, we went with it. She did great the whole time. Very much in "thoughtful eyebrows" mode the whole time.

After, she went with Mom to catch the eye of every lady at Costco while Mom picked up flowers. Yes, she rode on the pallet cart the whole time.

And the hairdresser was absolutely right...the curls look so much better, healthier, and sweet. For still being my baby, she quite the little girl!

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Kelly said...

Cutie! I'm way impressed that she can ride on with boys over here. :)