Thursday, March 31, 2011


A snap of cold weather this week brought back memories of our CUH-OLD winter! With snow days upon snow days, life in the apartment got a little crazy, but I realized that we are on the go more than necessary. We played with almost every toy and board game (and the ones that we didn't are now bagged up for another family to enjoy) in the house and enjoyed some much needed time as just the 4 of us.

Because snow is a rarity, our deep-freeze outfits were a little hodge-podge.

Yes, this is June in a silver parka (the best coat of us all), footie fleece pajamas, rain boots, and a random hat. I took this picture before I put her brother's socks on as mittens. You say "trashy", I say "clever".

And in the picture below, can you tell one of us was starting to get cabin fever?
Thank goodness that Michael was willing to go up and down the 3 flights of stairs to play in the snow with these fickle friends. We'll be missing that fun when the temps hit 100 in a few months.

And the last pic, I give you for free. Buddies walking down the hall at Owen's school:

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Ty and Janelle said...

so cute! And I too call those outfits clever.