Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Object of His Affection

As if we needed proof of how much Owen loves June, the following pictures were taken on a car ride home from Austin. Owen asked to borrow my camera to take pictures of June-June. Here are a few of the over 60 (!). It was like he was doing a "study of June" collection.

Sleeping June.
Yawning June.

Grumpy, putting myself back to sleep June.
Gripping my security burp cloth June.
"For the love, let me sleep" June
"Seriously, am I that interesting?" June
Eyebrow furrowed like Big Brother June.
"Okay, I forgive you" June
"I'm getting sleepy again" June
"Hold my hand" June.
"Give me my burp cloth back" June
Now back to "Broke Neck Sleeping Baby" June.

Oh, there are other women in his life.
It's just a shame he can't get good shots of us. ;)


Kelly said...

Love it!

katharine said...

Your hair always looks good! Even from the back!! :) I love the captions you've given June... super cute. :)