Saturday, November 15, 2008


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It's been a crazy week at our house and work, and this morning, as I read the comics, 2 of my 3 favorite comics summarized the range of my emotions this week. I'm trying to reframe all of "demands" and obligations (see above), so "Rose is Rose" helped out there. (see below)

Rose Is Rose

As for my 3rd favorite comic, it's "Zits". Just when I want to abandon all hope, I laugh at "Zits", knowing I'm not the only adult frustrated with humans between the ages of 13 and 17 (and perhaps, they are equally frustrated with me). I mean this week, I almost boycotted Sonic because I couldn't interact with another teen...even if it was a carhop delivering Cherry Limeade goodness. So, here's my favorite "Zits" of the week:

Aiming to keep a smile on my face this week...1 week until Thanksgiving Break with my San Diego relatives and my folks!

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Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

loved the comics, hang in there!