Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween, Y'all!

After much anticipation, Halloween was a great success at our house! Owen had his party at school, and after school, he opened his USPS package from Opa and Sushi. Inside, his Cowboy costume. Thanks, Sushi, for taking the time to dress up our little cowboy. He loves it, and you're right...when he outgrows the cowboy vest, he can dress up like the organ grinder's monkey (if Uncle Lee will let him borrow his fez).Our "plan" was to start trick or treating at Owen's teacher's house. Miss Nazeli had invited him, so that's where it began...and ended. He was so satisfied with his experience, that he didn't feel the need to do another house. And after the hospitality they extended, we left an hour later filled with Armenian sweet bread, coffee, juice, and more candy than any 3 year old needs at 7 pm. He was so happy to show off his costume to her and her family, and we are so excited that he loves his teacher so much!

So, here are the photos of our little cowboy (vest and pants made by Sushi) enjoying the 31st.

PS: for all those asking if we are going to find out the gender early on this pregnancy (we didn't with Owen), we're still not sure. But as for wishes, Owen wants a boy so "we can match," he says.


Patty said...

Cutest little cowboy I've ever seen! Sounds like a fun and special Halloween.

Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

what a cute little cowboy! how are you feeling? good or bad?