Wednesday, September 8, 2010

3 Cheers for Pre-Arranged Friendships

My east Indian neighbor and I had a conversation recently about my love-match and her arranged-match. She had questions about how Michael and I met, our wedding, and how our families got along. I wondered if she did the traditional week-long wedding and how her family knew his. All that to say this, I'm all for arrangements. For example, here are Owen and June with their arranged friendships.

Now, Casen may not be thrilled by the idea and Keaton is hiding his head in shame, but Owen seems delighted with the arrangement and June is looking longingly at my best friend's boys. You will all be friends, like it or lump it.

June, chillin' in Abilene with her boys.

I put another one in just so you could see that Keaton isn't so upset about the idea. And in Casen's defense, he doesn't always wear a helmet to swing. Sometimes it's difficult to decide to swing or to bike; leaving the helmet on gives you options. He's clever like that.

Speaking of helmets, who can come to our house without putting on the Darth Vader helmet? You have an open invitation to come over and test your will power, but I warn you, "Your powers are weak."

Casen and Owen dual it out.


Crazy girl! Walked 6 steps this week and crawled (fell?) out of her crib. We are on the move and going to level orange on baby proofing the house.

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Jodi said...

GREAT post. You crack me up. And I too am all for arrangements.