Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Arnolds

Our little family has not participated in Thanksgiving with the big family on either side in a LOOOONG time. Living far away, we have usually chosen to fly home for Christmas instead of Thanksgiving. We've entertained family at our house for non-traditional Thanksgiving (one at Del Taco I recall from our Pasadena years), but now that we're back in Texas, we enjoyed Thanksgiving with the Arnolds.

Here's Tammy with June. June loved all the attention from family members.

Rodney celebrated his birthday over the weekend as well. I hear after 40 you need some help with the candles.

Michael, Grandmother, and Shannon.

Rodney jealously wishing he was holding June. Rodney LOVES babies, so Michael did eventually pass her over to her uncle.

The amazing Keely with June. Keely was so good with all of her Arnold cousins. Owen says he "loves her because she is so sweet to me".

Keely with Abilene.

Growing up fast, eh?

Kaden...soccer stud and proud supporter of his daddy's longhorns.

Owen making his grandfather proud. Gag 'em Baggies is what I say. Hee hee.
Abilene giving her mommy a pat on the back.

And with all of the feasting, June tried rice cereal for the first time.

And this is how she's reacted to all food presented to her then and since:

We'll be taking a break on the solid foods for a week or two, but I have a feeling June will catch on soon. :)

June and the granddog, Tasha.
Still working on the stable situp. Mom says her hair looks red, but it is light brown.

This is a leftover from Kaden's house in October, but these are our boys...rowdy, active, and missing each other already. Kaden got to spend the night at our house, so it was Owen's first sleepover. We are so blessed to be back with family, Owen especially!

And June is drooling over the prospect of our next get together...Christmas in Austin.

And three cheers to Glynda and Mike for having all of us over for several days. It was loud and crazy. Three cheers to all the parents for going with the flow away from home. Here are all the grandkids and 1 granddog...in a more "interesting" moment.

Whew, that's better. :)

Until next time...next year, Thanksgiving with the McNeeses. You were missed.

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Laura said...

Love all of the pictures. It must have been so very nice to be home for Thanksgiving this year after so many years. June is growing up so fast and is beyond adorable.