Thursday, October 29, 2009

"New" Activity Mat Review

Some people we know do product reviews on their blog...the following is proof that we don't need any fancy new gadgets at our house when Owen can just reinvent what we do have.

Elephant Activity Gym: not sold with "Bad" Spiderman (which was found under the couch at the apartment clubhouse...blech)

The wrench mobile is also not included.

And I think the pliers dangling over baby's head would lead to a product recall.

That being said, watching her brother work for 30 minutes in "her space" was the most entertaining part of the day for June.


Kelli said...

Way to reinvent the activity mat, Nat! Very creative!

Julie said...

That was such a good laugh! I applaud Owen's desire to make it as fun as possible for June to lay on her activity mat...I can just see the wheels turning in his head..."what would make this more fun...a wrench? Yes! A wrench!"

katharine said...

I love the pliers hanging just inches from Miss June's nose... LOVE IT! And this whole entry--whether it's about your drab ap't walls, or your creative little boy, made me LAUGH! :) You have a great sense of humor!