Monday, March 2, 2009

Before You File a Missing Persons Report...

Hibernating, nesting, contemplating a Unibomber cabin in the Sierras...whatever you want to call it, I know I've been laying low. A more accurate description would be "laid low". I don't know if it's being 4 years older or having an almost 4 year-old to keep up with, but I'm pooped at the end of the day...and the middle. At least I'm fresh when I wake up, but then again, I've usually been asleep for 10 hours. Enjoying that part while I can, at least...not the collapsing part, but the deep slumber that follows.

Vital Stats:

Height: as tall as a hunched crone

Weight: gaining

Blood Pressure: so low every health care provider must comment but my temper makes me feel like it's about to go through the roof. I have to sing the "Have Patience" song to myself more than Owen

Tummy: getting bigger, measuring at 26 weeks (which I am)...waiting until I'm not wearing pajamas when Michael gets home to take a picture...maybe I'll try in the morning before I leave for work.

Speaking of...if I can't have the baby until the end of the school year, and at the end of the school year, my students are supposed to be ready for geometry...well, I'm never having the baby. California teachers, can you verify that 3rd quarter stinks? Texas teachers, can I get an amen that 4th six weeks reeks? Anyone else, would you be willing to substitute teach for me for the world's longest month: March? Spring break is in mid-April, so, again, "Have Patience".

We have been having fun as a family on the weekends. I've remembered to take the pictures, just not stayed awake long enough to post them at night. So, especially for the grandparents, here is Owen, who is oblivious to the fact that Momma is having a difficult time keeping up:

What have we been doing?

Michael and Owen have been hanging out on Saturday mornings, and I've been working on a few side projects. Monkey cupcakes for all the kids at the Wilkinson's Super Bowl Party, pillowcases for some friends, a patchwork basket & some travel tissue holders for purses (pictures of those later). The last photo is of our family Oscar party food.

On the radio, they were saying that the Oscars are the Female Super Bowl. So, since I consumed enough chips and dips watching the Cardinals/Steelers, I made a girlie meal to watch The Wrestler/The Dark Knight showdown. Homeade quiche, sliced apples, supremed oranges, coffee, and sparkling pomegranate juice...a meal to increase the estrogen in us all. The boys took it in stride, and my main man kicked my butt in the Oscar balloting. Granted, Michael had seen 11 movies compared to my 3, but a girl had to try.

A couple other projects are half-done, but that's a post for another day (or month). I've also been stalking furniture on Craigslist and cloth diapers on eBay. This weekend I hit the jackpot on both (thanks Heather!), so I feel "nested".

But this time, I'll try not to stay in my cave for so long...lure me out with chocolate covered apples or baby name suggestions that will end all arguments between the Mr. and me.


Suzie said...

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA. As always, the photos and your fun comments are worth the wait! Love seeing your sewing projects, culinary skills and of course photos of Owen. I still like photos of you, though. I know those are hard to come by since you are the one that takes the photos. Like mother, like daughter. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks. It should be fun.

Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

oh sweet nat rat, I miss you!

KarinInPA said...

Once again: so jealous! You're a woman of Proverbs 31. Hey, was that an artichoke quiche?

The Tucker Family said...

You are the best! Love your posts! Glad all is well...

Kelly said...

Fun pictures. I'm guessing that means that the car obsession doesn't go away at age 3?

For Christmas Eve, I made a pomegranate/champagne drink...yummy! Try that one post-baby. :)