Saturday, February 7, 2009

And with hands lifted high...

Today, I got the giggles at a blog post from "Stuff Christians Like" (an almost worthy spin-off of one of my brother Lee's favorites, the hilarious "Stuff White People Like").

It's regarding the 10 ways to respond to any song that compels you to lift your hands in worship
<----link here

If you're not one of these 10, add your method...sometimes I'm "The Popsicle", aka "The Frozen Chosen"...the more people around me express themselves, the more I tend to freeze up, like it'd be too much for us ALL to be praising without abandon AT THE SAME TIME!

And if the worship leader "suggests" for us all to lift our hands, I'm "The Indignant One". The more you want me to do it, the more I cross my arms in front of me, sometimes with the Colbert eyebrow. I know, I have issues. You can save those comments and concerns for prayers on my behalf.

But if I'm truly relaxed and into it (last true time was when Phil Wickham came to RVC in October...yikes!), I'm more "The Miss America" or "Single High Five".

So, who are you?


Lee said...

We shared your blog with our small group young marrieds. Joel demonstrated each of those for us. We were crying we were laughing so hard. Thanks for the blog link. I'll keep up with this one.

Love you and love your honesty. Your feelings are very similar to mine. Apple doesn't fall from the tree.

mcsneeze said...

oops that wasn't from Lee.

Matt Grubb said...

I have to say that my favorite is the "carrying wood." The posture that says, "pour it on, I'm taking what you're giving" posture.

Lee, envision Sick of it all's video, "step down" to worship postures. I can def. see some hilarious "moves" on this one.

Matt Grubb said...

If you actually watch, or try to watch some of the sure and not to miss 2:23 of the video... This is what I envision most of "cofc'ers" looking like. Of course...that is a lot of movement.